Our LTE HealthCare consultancy assists with evaluating the healthcare market, legal implications, local doctors and on financial issues relating to the healthcare sector. Our Healthcare consultancy is broken down in the follow departments:

One of the major ways businesses improve efficiencies, decrease administration costs and allow for more streamlines interaction is IT. Technology (both medical and IT ) should be embraced and used effectively and appropriately.

The LTE Group of Companies of which LTE HealthCare is part of, provides professional services in the Built Environment Sector, specializing in Civil Engineering, Project Management, Architecture, Quantity Surveying, Property Management, Electrical & Mechanical Engineering, Property Asset Management as well as Town and Regional Planning. This enables LTE HealthCare to offer Clients end-to-end solutions in the development and management of health care facilities.



LTE HealthCare provides a full turnkey service for hospital or day clinic facilities – from demographic studies, initial needs analysis, land identification, design, engineering professional services to license application. Once approved, a comprehensive doctor participation evaluation gets done in order to present a more realistic viability and feasibility reports.


In conjunction with LTE Capital, LTE HealthCare can assist with the design of an investment proposition for the doctors and other investors. We believe that there should be no differentiation in share type and that shares should be made available in both the property and business entities – all within the ambit of regulatory guidelines. There must be full disclosure and transparency on costs, service providers and their quality of service. There are far too many investors who want to venture in the healthcare market who either do not understand the market or who just want to make a quick profit. In collaboration with leading financial institutions and with SpesNet, we always aim to provide our clients with a detailed market overview and objective project-specific report.


The equipping and commissioning of the medical business inside the building remains an expert field. LTE HealthCare as an associated entity to LTE Group has access to resources from within the Group that enable it to provide a project coordinator or manager to oversee this process, as well as to ensure that all is aligned with the infrastructure of the building and that it remains within the project timelines and budget.

Operational Management of Healthcare Facilities LTE HealthCare provides full management service to hospitals and clinics. It is available to new or existing facilities and include:

  • Billing and Claims system
  • Managing Daily Operations
  • Specialist Relationship Management
  • Medical scheme support services
  • Improve Business Efficiencies & Optimization