We deliver ICT services to the South African government, municipalities, private sector and have a footprint in SADC countries through our partners in Botswana, Mozambique, Angola, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Our ICT service offerings include:

Infrastructure Services

Our managed services include optic reporting and monitoring services, 24/7 technical support services, incident management, problem resolution and hands-on, experienced SMEs.

Cloud computing

Cloud computing provides scalable, on demand resources and services. Whether you’re considering a private cloud or moving to a public cloud.

Data Centre Solutions

Our Data Centre flexible approach is based on minimal risk. LTE ICT offers a flexible approach geared to match your specific IT Infrastructure needs.



LTE ICT offers both server virtualisation and desktop virtualisation solutions to help customers control cost, manage growth and improve services.


Our Archiving services are designed to help you easily and efficiently meet your business needs.

Disaster Recovery Solutions

Our Disaster Recovery services help you design, plan, and implement sound actionable disaster recovery solutions that ensure your data is restorable.


Our storage services are customised for your specific business requirements and optimise your environment for efficiency, cost reduction and risk mitigation.


We provide backup and recovery services to ensure clients achieve data protection, recoverability and availability in their data management infrastructure.